U.S. Mission to Greece and Found.ation host TechCamp Thessaloniki: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

July 30, 2020

Athens – The U.S. Mission to Greece is pleased to announce a partnership with Found.ation to host “TechCamp Thessaloniki: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs” September 6-8, 2020 at the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair. Supporting female-led startups and creating equal opportunities for women in the entrepreneurship ecosystem are the goals of “TechCamp Thessaloniki.” It will provide tailored training for a diverse group of female entrepreneurs from Greece and the region. The three-day program will feature a highly collaborative and hands-on acceleration process made up of brainstorming sessions, small group discussions, and training workshops that provide innovative solutions to real challenges identified by the participants. “TechCamp Thessaloniki” is an innovative educational platform developed and fully funded by the U.S. State Department (https://techcamp.america.gov).

This program is a follow-up to the successful collaboration between the U.S. Mission to Greece and Found.ation which started three years ago when the United States was the Honored Country at the 2018 Thessaloniki International Fair. Following the organization of a successful technology and innovation festival in 2018, and a series of digital and entrepreneurship education workshops in 2018 and 2019, this year the focus is on empowering female entrepreneurship and developing networks of female startups in Greece and the region.

“TechCamp Thessaloniki: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs” will teach business innovators how to use new digital tools and strategies to create a sustainable business. Forty women from Greece and the Balkans with businesses at an early stage, who have not yet received funding or developed a large clientele, have been selected to participate. With the help of experienced mentors representing Greece and beyond, they will come up with solutions to overcome obstacles that are often faced by young startups.

Through their participation in this program, women entrepreneurs will obtain the skills they need to transform their ideas into action and evolve their startups into sustainable businesses that contribute to the financial growth and economic stability of their communities.

“TechCamp Thessaloniki: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs” will take place from September 6-8, 2020 at the Thessaloniki International Fair, in accordance with all Greek Government health and safety measures to ensure the safety of participants, instructors, and contributors.

This program is being conducted under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance, the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments, as well as the General Secretariat for Research and Technology.