U.S. Embassy Brings Rebecca Lazier and her Dance Company to Greece

Athens — The U.S. Embassy in Athens, in collaboration with the Moni Lazariston and the Patras International Festival is sponsoring “Coming Together/Attica,” a performance by renowned choreographer Rebecca Lazier and her dance company. The performances will take place on July 21 at the Moni Lazariston at 21:30, and on July 24 at the Roman Odeon in Patras at 21:30. Rebecca Lazier will also lead a Masterclass in Patras on July 23 at 11:30-13:00 at “Dancarte – Center for Dance and Arts.”

“Coming Together” is a musical work by composer Rzewski, created in 1971, and references the revolt of prisoners at Attica prison in New York State.  The demonstrations were violent and ended with several dead and injured prisoners and wardens. “Coming Together/Attica” is essentially the continuation of the original work, and offers a new look into the history of this revolt after it ended, from the perspective of one of the participants after he was released.

Rebecca Lazier was impressed and inspired by the musical project of Rzewski without knowing the history behind it. Learning more about the details of the musical composition, she began working on a choreography relating to the music – what the composer calls “squaring”, with the gradual addition and subtraction of musical modules.  Lazier built a dance structure around the music and invites the audience to find their own meanings in the concepts of isolation, human rights, and social change.

These performances are made possible in part from funding from Princeton University’s Peter B. Lewis Center for the Arts, Committee on Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Program in Dance, Hellenic Studies Seeger Summer Fellowship, Humanities Council, and the Institute for International and Regional Studies.

For more information, photos and bio of Rebecca Lazier please visit:http://www.rebeccalazier.com/rebecca/

To request an interview with Rebecca Lazier, please contact the U.S. Embassy Press Office directly: Tel: 210-720-2098, E-mail:Vorvolakosg@state.gov