U.S. Embassy Athens brings Live Music Cinema to Greece with Oscar-nominated American filmmaker Sam Green and yMusic


The U.S. Mission to Greece is partnering with the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, the Athens Concert Hall and the Fulbright Foundation, to bring pioneering American filmmaker Sam Green and his Live Music Cinema to Athens and Thessaloniki.

Pages from the infamous Guinness Book of Records come to life in Sam Green’s documentary The Measure of All Things (www.measureofthings.com), a meditation on fate, time, and the outer edges of the human experience.  During a unique live presentation/screening, the Academy Award-nominated director will narrate on stage a series of portraits of record-holding people, places and things, while accompanied by live music from the virtuosi yMusic band.  Sam Green has drawn inspiration from the Guinness Book of Records in highlighting the personalities and lives of seven record holders, from the tallest man to the oldest man to the woman with the longest name.  The Measure of All Things, first screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014, raised over $30,000 during a 27-day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

In their first-ever appearance in Greece, Sam Green and the six-member band yMusic will present performances and workshops on March 13 and 16 at the Athens Concert Hall and on March 14 and 15 at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.  Sam Green’s Live Music Cinema includes the following screenings, concerts and parallel events:


Friday, March 13, Athens Concert Hall – Megaron, 20:30

yMusic Concert

The six musicians (http://ymusicensemble.com) of yMusic are recognized for their excellent mix of classical and pop music and collaborations with artists such as Anthony & the Johnsons, Bon Iver, Jay-Z, Paul McCartney and others.


Friday, March 13, Athens Concert Hall – Megaron, 16:00-17:30

yMusic Masterclass

yMusic will share their techniques and vision with Greek musicians and students in a unique masterclass.


Monday, March 16, Athens Concert Hall –Megaron, 21:00

The Measure of All Things screening

Sam Green’s (www.samgreen.to) celebrated documentary with live on-stage narration from the filmmaker himself and live music from yMusic.


Monday, March 16, Athens Concert Hall –Megaron, 17:00

Crowd-funding Seminar with Sam Green

Filmmakers, artists and creators will have the chance to meet filmmaker Sam Green in a seminar during which they will discover the secrets to a successful crowd-funding campaign. (by invitation only)



Saturday, March 14, ApoDec, 18:00

Crowd-funding Seminar with Sam Green. (by invitation only) 


Sunday, March 15, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Olympion Theater, 20:30

The Measure of All Things screening


The detailed program is available online at www.megaron.gr andwww.mosaiko.gr.  For more information please contact the U.S. Embassy Press Office directly. Tel: 210-720-2098, E-mail: Vorvolakosg@state.gov