Social Security

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  You can now create a my Social Security account if you live outside of the United States.

Social Security Online Services

Until now, you needed a U.S. mailing address to access Social Security’s free my Social Security account and use their online services. Now, many people without a U.S. mailing address can create a personal my Social Security account and use the online services with an credential.

  • If you don’t already have an credential:
  1. Go to
  2. On the my Social Security page, select the “Create an Account” button and then select “Sign in with
  3. Select the “Create an account” link and follow the instructions
  4. On’s “Verify Your Identity” screen, select the “I don’t live in the United States” link at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to complete the registration process
  5. Once you create your credential, you will be returned to the my Social Security webpage for next steps
  • If you already have an credential, select “Sign In” from the my Social Security page and then sign in to You will be redirected to your my Social Security account.

Note: if you had a my Social Security account prior to moving overseas, you will need to create an credential to use it from an international address.

Once you have created your personal my Social Security account, you will be able to:

  • Check your earnings.
  • Get your benefit estimates.
  • Check the status of your application or appeal.
  • View, print, or save a benefit verification letter.
  • Change Special Notice Options (SNO Notices).
  • Access some representative payee services.
  • View, print, or save a replacement SSA-1099/1042S tax statement.
  • Access online notices.
  • Request a replacement Medicare Card.

Some services are not available outside of the United States:

  • Changing your address.
  • Changing your direct deposit.
  • Requesting a replacement Social Security card.

The most efficient method of reaching FBU Athens is by using the FBU Athens email form.  If you do not know or do not have a social security number, enter 000-00-0000 on the email form.

If you wish to apply for an initial Social Security number card and you are over 12 years old, you must schedule an appointment online through the following link: .  There is no fee for this service.    

If you wish to contact the FBU Athens in person for any other reason, please complete the FBU Athens email form. Our staff will contact you within several days to discuss your request.

Mission:  The Federal Benefits Unit of the U.S. Embassy in Athens assists in obtaining information from the following federal agencies:

If you do not find an answer to your federal benefit question, follow directions to Contact Us.
The unit will not provide service to applicants who visit the Consular Section for routine passport and registration of birth services if they have not contacted the Federal Benefits Unit in advance. Visit the American Citizens Services US Embassy Athens website for all other services.

Please follow the instructions on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Visit the American Citizens Services U.S. Embassy Athens website for all other consular services.