Possible Flight Options to/from Greece

Updated:  June 4, 2020

There are no direct flights between Greece and the United States until July.  Contact the airline directly to confirm the flight dates.

  • American:  Chicago-Athens starts in August.  No Philadelphia-Athens flights for the season.
  • Delta:  JFK-Athens starts in July .
  • Emirates:  Newark-Athens starts July 1.
  • United:  No Newark-Athens flights for the season.

Flights Scheduled to Depart Greece in the Short Term

  • Air France:  Athens to Paris (CDG).  Connection to JFK and other U.S. destinations the next day.  Food and other services in the transit area are extremely limited.  Anyone transiting through France to reach the United States must have an attestation, available here, with the English version here.  You do not need an endorsement from the Embassy for this attestation.
  • Aegean:  Athens to Brussels; Athens to Stockholm
  • Aegean/Lufthansa:  Athens to Frankfurt; Athens to Munich
  • KLM:  Athens to Amsterdam may start June 6.
  • Swiss Air:  Athens to Zurich; Athens to Geneva
  • Qatar Airways:  Athens to Doha – temporarily halted until June 15.  Contact the airline.

Flights between Greece and Albania, Italy, North Macedonia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands are suspended through June 14.

Airlines currently operating flights to the United States:

  • Air France/Delta:  Paris to Los Angeles; Paris to JFK
  • British Airways:  London (LHR) to multiple destinations
  • Delta:  London (LHR)  to Atlanta and Los Angeles; Amsterdam to Atlanta and Detroit
  • KLM:  Amsterdam to Atlanta, Chicago, JFK, and Los Angeles
  • Lufthansa:  Frankfurt to Newark and Chicago
  • Qatar Airways:  Doha to multiple U.S. destinations (ATL, BOS, ORD, DFW, JFK, LAX, MIA, IAD)
  • Swiss Airlines:  Zurich to Newark
  • United:  London to Newark and San Francisco