Possible Flight Options to/from Greece

Updated:  July 7, 2020

Please note that while U.S. citizens may return to the United States at any time, travelers with a U.S. visa or valid ESTA who are outside the EU are not permitted to transit Schengen Area airports on their way to the United States.  Traveling through the Schengen Area subjects travelers to travel restrictions regardless of where their journey began.

There are no direct flights between Greece and the United States at this time.  Contact the airline directly to confirm the flight dates as the schedule may change at any time and without warning.

  • American:  Chicago-Athens starts in August.  No Philadelphia-Athens flights for the season.
  • Delta:  JFK-Athens may start in July or August, but contact airline directly to confirm.
  • Emirates:  Newark-Athens scheduled to start in July, but contact airline directly to confirm.
  • United:  No Newark-Athens flights for the season.

Many airlines currently operate flights departing Greece from which travelers can connect to flights to the  United States.  The flights departing Greece are listed below, though this list may not be exhaustive and is subject to change at any time.  Travelers must check with the airline directly.

  • Air France:  Athens to Paris (CDG).  Connection to JFK and other U.S. destinations the next day.  Food and other services in the transit area are extremely limited.  Anyone transiting through France to reach the United States must have an attestation, available here, with the English version here.  You do not need an endorsement from the Embassy for this attestation.
  • Aegean:  Athens to Brussels, Milan, Rome and Tel Aviv
  • Aegean/Lufthansa:  Athens to Frankfurt and Munich
  • Austrian/United:  Athens to Vienna
  • KLM:  Athens to Amsterdam
  • Swiss Air:  Athens to Zurich and Geneva
  • Qatar Airways:  Athens to Doha

Flights between Greece and the United Kingdom are scheduled to resume July 15.