Processing Times & Return of Passports

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Processing times for all services are approximate.  Times quoted should be used only as a guide.

Embassy Athens – U.S. passports are produced at facilities in the United States. Processing time is approximately 3 weeks, but could take as long as one month. Your previous passport will be canceled and returned to you with the new one.

If you are also applying for a Passport Card, you should note that they take approximately 2 months to process.  If you would like the passport sent to you before the Passport Card, please enclose two return pre-addressed delivery envelopes which include your name, local address and mobile or home/work phone number, with your application.

Return of Passports

Registered Mail: To arrange for the delivery of your passport you may enclose a pre-paid return envelope for registered mail which you must purchase from a local post office (see sample envelope from ELTA). The envelope may contain up to two passports i.e. your canceled and new passport.

Note:  An envelope with Greek stamps is not suitable for registered mail and cannot be used for the delivery of your passport.

Courier Service: Alternatively, if you prefer to have your passports returned by courier, please enclose a note to that effect, and provide a plain 16 x 23 cm self-addressed envelope which includes you name, local address and your mobile or home/work phone number. The courier will be paid by you upon receipt of the passport. The cost is 5.00 Euros within the Attiki area and 8.00 Euros for the rest of Greece. For status updates on courier deliveries, please contact Courier Center at 210-751-2000 three business days following receipt of the e-mail notification that your passport is ready.

Note: Prepaid envelopes from other courier services will not be accepted.

Urgent Travel

If you are traveling within the above processing times and can provide proof of planned travel (issued flight ticket) please schedule an appointment to apply in person using our online Passport Appointment System. You will be advised of your options on the day of the appointment.

If your passport has been lost or stolen and you have immediate travel plans, please call the Consular Section at 210 721 2951  or email us at to make arrangements to apply for an emergency limited-validity passport. Further information is provided here.