Required Documents

Required documents:

  1. Completed form DS-2029 – Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA).  Please do not sign.
  2. Completed form DS-11 – Application for a Passport.  Complete online and print.  Please do not sign.  Note a passport photo (5 cm x 5 cm) is required.
  3. Completed form SS-5 – Application for a Social Security Card for Children under the age of 12.  Please sign at box 17.
  4. Since your child has never been issued a social security number, print, complete and sign the English version of this Social Security Declaration (15KB); for a child under 16 and this Social Security Declaration (101KB) for an applicant over 16.
  5. Original Birth Certificate, from the Greek Registrar’s Office (Lixiarchio), bearing the FULL NAME of the child. Birth certificates from municipalities and birth certificates without the child’s first name are NOT acceptable. Please note: If married outside of Greece, Greek authorities require that you have your Marriage Certificate translated into Greek to present at the hospital to receive the hospital birth certificate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides official translation services.*  The birth certificate given by the hospital does not include the first name of the child. To name the child, both parents must appear at the Registrar’s Office with their passports or current I.D. and the hospital birth certificate to declare the child’s first name. This process is called “onomatodosia.” A new birth certificate will be issued with the full name.  Please bring the original to the interview.
  6. Marriage Certificate issued by the appropriate Registrar’s Office (Lixiarchio) in Greece. If married in the U.S., a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate issued by the state where the marriage was performed. Church certificates are not acceptable. If married in Greece, a certified copy of the marriage certificate (Lixiarhiki Praxi Gamou), issued by the Registrar’s Office that has jurisdiction over your place of marriage is required. If married outside of Greece, a certified copy of your civil marriage certificate must be presented with an official English translation from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if the certificate is in a language other than Greek or English).  Please bring the original and the MFA translation to the interview
  7. Certified copy of all final Civil Divorce Decree(s) or Death certificate of spouse for all previous marriages.  Please bring the original and a translation from the Greek MFA if your original document is not in Greek or English.
  8. Valid passport/identification document for the parents.  Please bring the original to the interview.
  9. Proof of U.S. citizenship (passport, birth certificate, or Certificate of Naturalization) and social security card for the U.S. citizen parent(s).  Please bring the original documents to the interview.  The parent(s) must have acquired U.S. citizenship prior to the child’s date of birth.
  10. Proof of physical presence in the United States of the U.S. citizen parent(s). Documents that might show residence include, but are not limited to, school records, university transcripts, employment records, bank records showing deposits and withdrawals in the United States, fixed utility bills, or passport entry and exit stamps. Please review the physical presence requirements for citizenship transmission to ensure you have sufficient evidence to prove the length of presence in the United States required for your circumstances.  Bring the documents to the interview.  They do not need to be certified documents for the initial interview..
  11. Consular Report of Birth Abroad for your other children if you have documented them as U.S. citizens.  Bring the original document to the interview.
  12. Other documents may be required depending on your unique circumstances.

*Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translation Office:  10 Arionos Street, Psiri, Athens. Tel: 210-324-4035; 210-324-4082.