Fees as of January 25, 2021

American Citizen Services Fees*

Attention Mail in Customers:  The fee for passport renewal applications by mail with form DS-82 delivered to the U.S. Embassy after January 22, 2021 is 94 Euros.

Service Fee
USD Euros as of 1/25/2021
Adult passport (DS-11)  – first-time or replacement 145.00 124.00
Adult passport renewal (DS-82) 110.00 94.00
Child under 16 passport (DS-11)  – first-time or replacement- application and fees 115.00 98.00
Consular Report of Birth 100.00 85.00
Child under 16 passport (DS-11)  – first-time or replacement- application +passport card minor at the same time 130.00 111.00
Consular Report of Birth and new passport (under 16 years) 215.00 183.00
Consular Report of Birth and new passport (16-17 years) 245.00 209.00
Passport card adult 30.00 26.00
Passport card minor 15.00 13.00
Notary – Affidavit-True copy-Authentication 50.00 43.00
Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship 2,350.00 2023.00


Notarization, Certification, and Authentication fees will not be charged when the service is performed:

(a) At the direct request of any federal government agency, any state or local government, the District of Columbia, or any of the territories or possessions of the United States (unless significant costs would be incurred)

(b) With respect to documents to be presented by claimants, beneficiaries, or their witnesses in connection with obtaining federal, state, or municipal benefits

(c) For U.S. Citizens outside the United States preparing ballots for any public election in the United States or any of

its territories.

(d) At the direct request of a foreign government or an international agency of which the United States is a member

if the documents are for official noncommercial use.

(e) At the direct request of a foreign government official when appropriate or as a reciprocal courtesy.

(f) At the request of direct-hire U.S. government personnel, Peace Corps volunteers, or their dependents stationed or traveling officially in a foreign country.

(g) With respect to documents whose production is ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction

(h) With respect to affidavits of support for immigrant visa applications

(g) With respect to endorsing U.S. Savings Bonds Certificates.

 In Person Payment:

  • US. Embassy Athens accepts cash (U.S. dollars and Euros), credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club), and American Express or U.S. postal service money orders payable to U.S. Embassy Athens.  Exact change is appreciated.  We occasionally experience technical difficulties processing credit card transactions, so please be prepared to pay in cash or to withdraw funds from a nearby ATM.


  • Consulate General Thessaloniki does not have cashiering services.  Visitors must bring a bank check for the exact payment amount payable to U.S. Embassy Athens.  Bank checks must be in Euros only and from one of the following banks: National Bank of Greece; Alpha Bank; Eurobank; Bank of Piraeus; Attica Bank; HSBC; Geniki Bank.