Emergency Passports

If you have urgent need of travel and there is insufficient time in which to process a full-validity U.S passport, you may apply for an emergency, limited-validity U.S. passport.  You may also apply for an emergency passport if your application for a full-validity passport is still pending and you have urgent travel within the next 2 business days.

Required Documents

Application requirements, including fees, for emergency passports are the same as those for full-validity passports.

Scheduling Appointment: Embassy Athens

If your passport has been lost or stolen and you have immediate travel plans, please call the Consular Section at 210 720 2410 or email us at AthensAmericanPassports@state.gov to make arrangements to apply for an emergency limited-validity passport.

Primary Passport is held by Greek Visas and Immigration or a Foreign Embassy

If your current U.S. passport is being held by the Greek Visas and Immigration or a foreign Embassy for visa processing and you have urgent need of travel, you can apply for an emergency temporary passport.