Greek Land Registry

January 2013

Embassy has consulted with the Greek Ministry of Environment and Public Works to develop this information.  While we have done our best to insure its accuracy, the responsibility for setting policy and procedures concerning the Greek land registry, lies entirely with the Greek Government.  Please contact the Greek Diplomatic Missions in the area of your residence in the U.S., or Greek Government entities for current and detailed information, since registration of property is mandatory for those who own or have a claim to property in Greece.

Pursuant to law 9400/2007, of the Greek Ministry of Environment, the Greek Government has designated 107 new areas for registration to the Hellenic National Land Registry (Cadastre).
If you haven’t registered your property you may still do so. Late registration though contemplates the payment of a fine, the size of which is defined by the type and the value of the property.  It should be noted that the procedure for the confirmation and the enforcement of the fine will be activated at a later date.  Therefore, at that stage no fine is imposed by only the fixed rate.

If you acquired the right to property after the expiration of the submission period, you’ll have to register it with the Cadastre within a month from the date of the registration of the contract at the Land Registry office (Ypothikofilakeio).

After you’ve registered the property but you’ve changed your mailing address or you wish to correct your registration you will have to inform the respective Cadastre office.

Besides the option of authorizing a person through power of attorney to register property, there is also the possibility of submitting the registration on-line through the official Cadastre website at:  In this case the documentation to be submitted is mailed to the respective Cadastre Office and the payment of the fixed rate can be done by credit card.

For better service to non-residence and expatriates, it was decided that for the submission of the property declaration to the Cadastre instead of a proxy, Embassies / Consulates will issue a special authorization with certified signature authenticity free of charge.

The options available to the non-residence or expatriates are:

  1. If the declaration is filled out, signed and submitted by a third party on behalf of the beneficiary, it will be necessary to have a special authorization with certified signature authenticity which can be provided by the Embassy/Consulate in their country of residence and it is issued free of charge.
  2. By proxy already authorized with a special or general proxy document to administer their real estate in Greece.
  3.  By a third party with simple authorization. In this case, beneficiaries should dispatch their filled out and signed declaration together with the necessary documents by post. The authorized person must pay the fixed fee to one of the collaborating banks and submit the declaration to the competent Cadastral Survey Office.
  4. For the first time, the declaration can be submitted on-line using a special IT application found on the Ktimatologio S.A. website In this case, the necessary documents submitted with the declaration will be sent by post to the competent Cadastral Survey Office and the fixed fee is paid by credit card.

Expatriates and people residing permanently abroad have one more option for submitting the property declaration to the Hellenic Cadastre, which allows them to pay at their place of residence and afterwards to send the declaration by post directly to the competent Cadastral Survey Office.
This specific option is provided through the cooperation of Hellenic Post Services with Western Union, the largest money transfer company in the world and specifically by using the Western Union QuickPay service.
This service is available in more than 150 countries and more than 200.000 service points around the world, amongst which are the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Belgium etc.

Non-residents of Greece or expatriates will need to check with the Greek Embassy or Consulate for the registry schedule of the area where their property is located. Updated information is available on the internet at:

Information is also available by writing to:

Ktimatologio A.E.

288 Messogion Avenue
155 62 Holargos, Greece
Telephone: +30 (210) 650-5600.
Four digit no: 1015

Fax: (210) 650-5949