Drivers’ Licenses – Renew Your U.S. License, Convert U.S. License to Greek


U.S. citizen tourists/temporary residents with stays less than six months with a valid United States driver’s license can drive in Greece with their U.S. license.

For stays more than 185 days in Greece:  A Greek license may be required. Contact the Regional Office of Transportation and Communication for more information.

Renew Your U.S. Driver’s License

To renew or replace a U.S. driver license, you must contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state that issued the license.  The Embassy is not authorized to renew or replace driver licenses, nor can the Embassy administer driving or eye tests.  Some states issue licenses only to those who actually reside in that state; if an applicant no longer resides in the United States, he/she may not be able to get the U.S. driver license renewed.  Contact your DMV for renewal requirements.

Convert Your U.S. License to a Greek License

*The information below is for guidance only; you must consult with the Ministry of Transportation or closest Greek consulate in the United States.  Requirements and fees are subject to change per Greek regulations.*

The following criteria must be met in order to convert a U.S. Driver’s License to a Greek License:

  • Regular domicile in Greece
  • Be a holder of a valid U.S. driver license
  • The applicant does not hold any other driver’s license, Greek or of any other country except the one to be converted.
  • The individual has reached the required age for each driving category
  • Have the minimum requirements of body and mental capability that apply for each driving category

The following documents are required:

  • Application/Sworn Statement of Law
  • A photocopy of the U.S. passport
  • A photocopy of a valid residence permit or other equivalent document (if the individual does not have Greek nationality), which must have been issued at least 185 days prior to the submission of the application
  • A valid U.S. driver’s license.  Temporary Driver Licenses cannot be converted.
  • Translation of the U.S. license by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Arionos 10, Monastiraki) or an attorney.  In the case that the type of vehicles that can be driven by the holder of the license cannot be established, a statement by the respective State’s Motor Vehicle Administration must be submitted, together with its translation by the above mentioned authorities.
  • One recent colored ID photograph
  • Receipt from a State Fund for the payment of the necessary revenue stamps and contributions to the Motorists Retirement Fund, according to the provisions in force for every category or sub-category of driver’s licenses (€18 for categories A & B, and €108.15 for the rest of the categories)
  • Two medical certificates, one from an oculist and one from a pathologist, from a Medical Committee of 2nd degree, with two revenue stamps issued by the National Bank of Greece in the amount of €45 each, for the special account of legislative order No. 638/1970 and four (4) passport size pictures.  The doctors must be contracted by the respective Transportation Department.
  • The applicant must request from the Department of Motor Vehicles of his or her U.S. state a statement verifying that his/her driver license hasn’t been withheld or revoked due to any type of traffic violation. The statement should be forwarded along with the holder’s Greek address, to the nearest Greek Consulate by the respective Department Motor Vehicle. The Greek Consulate will then forward the statement to the appropriate Transportation Department in Greece.  A list of Greek Consulates in the U.S. is available here.   We encourage you to contact the Greek Consulate for current detailed information regarding this procedure.
  • A € 30.00 revenue stamp issued by the National Bank of Greece for the issuance/printing of the driver license.