Information for the Disabled

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Updated October 2013

Disclaimer: The following information is presented so that you have an understanding of the facilities, laws and procedures currently in force. For official and authoritative information, please consult directly with the relevant authorities as described below. 

Your flight to Greece:  Disabled passengers and passengers with limited mobility are encouraged to notify the air carrier/tour operator of the type of assistance needed at least 48 hours before the flight departure.  Athens International Airport facilities for the disabled include parking spaces, wheelchair ramps, a special walkway for people with impaired vision, elevators with Braille floor-selection buttons, etc.  For detailed information on services for disabled passengers and passengers with limited mobility, please visit the airport’s website,

Hellenic Railways Organization (O.S.E.)The main railway station of Athens, the “Stathmos Larissis”, is accessible for persons with disabilities.  It is open from 6am to midnight, and can be reached at tel. 210-5298-838, and in Thessaloniki at tel. 2310-599071).  In Athens, the railway office for persons with disabilities is at Larissa main station.  Open from 6 AM to midnight, it can be reached at tel.:  210-529-8838, in Thessaloniki at tel.:  2310-59-9071.  Information on itineraries, fares and special services provided by the O.S.E. is available at:  Recorded train schedule information can be obtained via Telephone number 1110.

Ferries:  The Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine reports that most ferry companies offer accessibility and facilities for people with disabilities and has posted a list of companies on its website,   For information concerning ferry schedules, please consult

Athens Metro:  Metro service connects Athens International Airportdirectly with city center.  Escalators, lifts, and special areas for people with disabilities are available.  Detailed information can be found at, via recordings at tel.:  210-519- 4012 (7 AM – 7 PM).  Email inquiries can be sent to

Buses:  The Organization of Urban Transportation of Athens and Thessaloniki provides free transportation for the disabled within each city and can be reached via tel.:  210-4270748, website (8 AM – 10 PM, Mon – Friday).  Requests must be made two days prior to the date transport is desired.

Hotels:  Confirm with hotels by phone or fax to be absolutely certain that any reserved room will indeed be accessible for your particular situation.

Service dogs: According to Article 16, paragraph 7 of Law 3868, disabled or visually impaired people are entitled to be accompanied by a service dog in public facilities, services, public gathering areas, and in means of public transportation. The same policy applies for private facilities, and services. By exemption, service dogs are allowed to enter public areas of food markets and liqueur stores, provided, that the animals meet public health law requirements, and that both the user and the animal are properly documented and can produce evidence upon request.  For additional information or assistance, please contact the Geek Center of Service Dogs, at, or call the president of the Center, Ms. Zoe Geroulanou, tel. 011-30-66932414189.

Protection measures before, during and after an earthquake:Guidelines issued by the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (E.P.P.O.), of Greece,

Please visit the link, .

Sailing Charters for the disabled:  Information available at:

Museums:  Most of the museums in the Athens area are accessible to persons with (disabilities) special needs.  Audio guides are provided in a few museums in the Athens and Thessaloniki area. For detailed information concerning individual museums and accessibility for disabled persons, please consult the Ministry of Culture website at, e-mail, tel. 210-321-4172/173.

The Panathenaic Stadium: A classical cultural monument of Greece directly connected to the Modern Olympic Games from their revival in 1896 until the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. After a multi-year renovation, it is again open to the public.  For information please visit,

Tactual Museum (established by the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece) at 198 Doiranis Street, Kallithea (south of central Athens) is open 9 AM – 2 PM, Monday – Friday.  Entry is free for handicapped individuals and their escorts.  The exhibits consist of statues, vessels, sculptures and artifacts which are exact replicas of the originals in the museums of Greece.  It also includes a Byzantine section with wood carved alters,