CRBA – Apply Online for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (eCRBA)


The online application for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (eCRBA) allows U.S. citizen parents to complete an application online, upload all required documents, and submit an online payment of $100 prior to the in-person interview. Ensure that the correct documents are uploaded as per step 1 of the eCRBA checklist, before you proceed to payment, otherwise an appointment cannot be scheduled.

To be eligible to apply for a CRBA online (eCRBA), you MUST be able to answer YES to all of the following:

  1. Was the child born in Greece?
  2. Is the child under the age of 18?
  3. Was at least one parent a U.S. citizen or U.S. non-citizen national when the child was born?
  4. Can you use a credit/debit card to pay online for your Consular Report of Birth Abroad application?
  5. Are you a biological parent of a child born abroad who is applying for that child?

If any of the above statements do not apply to you, you MUST apply by sending your application by email to


Step 1: Before you begin the online CRBA application, please read through the CRBA checklist carefully (and consider printing it out) to help ensure you have all of the required documentation ready to upload and ready to take with you on the day of your interview.

Step 2: Once you have familiarized yourself with the requirements described above, create a MyTravelGov account using the link below. MyTravelGov is a secure, encrypted portal. The MyTravelGov Account video is available to learn how to create an account.

Step 3: Once you have an account, you can access eCRBA and complete your application online. The easy-to-use online process provides applicants with step-by-step instructions to complete your application online and upload all necessary supporting documents to ensure that the application is complete. You should upload documents a-e listed on the CRBA checklist into your online application. The following supporting documents are required:

a) Upload Child’s Greek Birth Certificate Ληξιαρχική Πράξη Γέννησης. ΝΟΤ “Πιστοποιητικό Γέννησης” NOT “Απόσπασμα Ληξιαρχικής Πράξης Γέννησης”. Submit original on the day of your appointment. Provide an informal translation (one copy), if the document is not in English. For the informal translation complete this form and upload to your case. Name it “Informal Translation of Greek Birth Certificate”. You must fill in the place of birth of your child in eCRBA based on this list. You must also refer to this same list to complete the informal  translation.

Birth certificates from municipalities and birth certificates without the child’s first name are NOT acceptable. Please note: If married outside of Greece, Greek authorities require that you have your Marriage Certificate translated into Greek to present at the hospital to receive the hospital birth certificate. Certified translators are available at  The birth certificate given by the hospital does not include the first name of the child. To name the child, both parents must appear at the Registrar’s Office with their passports or current I.D. and the hospital birth certificate to declare the child’s first name. This process is called “onomatodosia.” A new birth certificate will be issued with the full name.

b) If married, upload Marriage Certificate. Church certificates are not acceptable. If married in the U.S., a copy of the Marriage Certificate issued by the state where the marriage was performed.  If married in Greece, a certified copy of the marriage certificate with the title “Ληξιαρχική Πράξη Γάμου” issued by the appropriate Registrar’s Office (Ληξιαρχείο) in Greece that has jurisdiction over your place of marriage.  ΝΟΤ “Πιστοποιητικό Γάμου” or “Απόσπασμα Ληξιαρχικής Πράξης Γάμου”.  If married outside of Greece, a copy of your civil marriage certificate with an official English translation (if the certificate is in a language other than English) is required. Certified translators are available at  Please bring the original translation to the interview. Submit original marriage certificate, if applicable, on the day of your appointment plus one copy. Please provide an informal translation (one copy) if the document is not in English.

c) Upload Divorce decree(s), if applicable. Submit original on the day of your appointment. Provide an informal translation (one copy), if the document is not in English. Church certificates are not acceptable.  Previous marriages must bedissolved with a court order. Upload the court order and an informal translation, if the document is not in English.

d) Upload 1. Evidence of U.S. Parent’s citizenship and valid ID i.e. signed U.S. Passport, Naturalization Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship etc. Present original on the day of your appointment plus one copy. 2. Both sides of valid ID for non-U.S. citizen parent. Present original on the day of your appointment plus one copy. Upload one clear copy of the bio-page and signature page, see example.

e) Upload proof of physical presence in the United States of the U.S. citizen parent(s). Documents that might show residence include, but are not limited to, school transcripts, university transcripts, employment records, bank records showing deposits and withdrawals in the United States, fixed utility bills, passports with entry and exit stamps or DD214 Separation Statement for military members.  Please review the physical presence requirements for citizenship transmission to ensure you have sufficient evidence to prove the length of presence in the United States required for your circumstances.  Bring the original documents to the interview. No copies necessary.

The section which requests that parent(s) note their physical presence in the U.S. must be completed in detail, to include all dates they were physically present in the U.S. from the date of the parent(s) birth until the date of birth of the child. The parent(s) must include all the times they were physically present in the U.S. excluding trips made outside the U.S. to the best of their ability and memory. Upload and bring to your appointment preponderance of evidence to prove that you have fulfilled the physical presence requirement.

Step 4: Once the application is complete with items a-e listed in step 3, you need to pay the eCRBA fee online. Once the payment is complete, you will be prompted to schedule an in-person interview at the U.S. Embassy Athens. Please disregard the notification to schedule an appointment. You must allow five business days for the payment to be processed. Be sure NOT to make another (or duplicate) payment for a CRBA ($100) online or at the Embassy. Then email 5 days after payment to request an appointment. The subject of your email should note your child’s eCRBA case number and full name i.e. eCRBA #12345678, LAST NAME, First Name. In the same email, if you wish to apply for your child’s first U.S. Passport on the same day, please complete online form DS-11 Application for a Passport and attach the generated PDF. On the day of your appointment, please bring the one-sided printed version. We will review your eCRBA application for completeness and accuracy before offering you an appointment for your in-person interview.

We will contact you by email to schedule your appointment after the date of submission to allow payment processing to be completed.  If your payment hasn’t cleared before your interview, we will not be able to proceed with your interview.


Step 5: On the day of your appointment, please bring your confirmation sheet, proving that you have applied and paid the CRBA fee online. Your child, and generally both parents, must attend the interview. Bring the originals of all supporting documents to the in-person interview as per the CRBA checklist. If you wish to apply for your child’s first U.S. passport on the same day, see guidance for under age 16 here or age 16-17 here. A consular officer will interview you to verify the information provided, review the original documents, and decide whether to approve the application.

Important Notes:

  • Attend your scheduled in-person interview with the originals of the uploaded documents.  Original documents will be returned to you after accepting your application.  You must provide English translations for all foreign language documents.
  • It is critical that the U.S. citizen parent carefully details all their physical presence in the United States in the eCRBA application.  This means that for each trip outside of the United States, that time should not be reflected in the list of days present in the United States.  Lack of attention to the dates listed will require processing to be suspended until they are corrected.
  • The presence of the child is required at the time of the scheduled interview. Generally, both parents also required to attend the interview. Both parents and the child are required if you want to apply for the U.S. passport in the same appointment.