U.S. Ambassador: The U.S. Position on Greece’s Economic Reform Program has not Changed – April 28, 2016

April 28, 2016

Athens — U.S. Ambassador to Greece David D. Pearce today emphasized that the U.S. position on Greece’s economic reform program has not changed. He noted the continued efforts of the United States to urge Greece to accelerate progress on agreeing to and implementing reforms that can stimulate investment, growth, and jobs. He also underscored the U.S. government position on the importance of Europe following through on its commitment to put Greece’s debt on a sustainable path through debt relief.

Ambassador Pearce noted, “The U.S. position has not changed. We have stated repeatedly that Greece needs significant debt relief and must continue structural reforms that will return Greece to growth. We have also stated repeatedly our support for the IMF’s call for Greeks to carry out structural reforms and for meaningful debt relief. We continue to encourage Europe, the IMF, and Greece to accelerate their efforts to conclude the review and agree on meaningful debt relief for Greece in a timely manner.”