Ambassador Pyatt’s Statement to Press with Mayor Konstantinos Zervas

Ambassador Pyatt: "It's so encouraging for me to see the way in which American companies like Cisco, and Pfizer and Deloitte are reinvesting in this city, because they see the promise of its young people.  But also they share the vision that inspired me in 2018, when we put together the Thessaloniki International Fair, that ... Read More»

Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks in Thessaloniki with Mayor Zervas 

Ambassador Pyatt: "Kalimera. Let me start by thanking Mayor Zervas for arranging this morning to let me enjoy another aspect of this beautiful city. I talked a lot last night at the AmCham Conference about the emphasis that my government is placing on our partnership with Northern Greece, especially with Thessaloniki in the areas of ... Read More»
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