Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at The Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation 29th Annual International Symposium

Ambassador Pyatt:"So we’re very proud of the partnership that we have there, and I would emphasize how significant it is that Prime Minister Mitsotakis has been so unambiguous in his views at a moment when there are voices in Europe throwing around terms like “strategic autonomy” that I think can lead in very unfortunate directions. ... Read More»

Ambassador’s Remarks at 20th Anniversary of NATO Membership of Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary

NMIOTC Souda Bay on March 14, 2019 Kalimera. And thanks to Commodore Kostalas for hosting us here at NMIOTC. It’s a great honor to have General Christodoulou here with us today. As well as all my distinguished co-panelists and particularly the Ambassadors of Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Thank you for organizing this event, which ... Read More»

Ambassador Pyatt’s Interview with Greek News: Tsipras Visit Will Be a Success

Our economic relationship and our support for Greece throughout the crisis have also only grown stronger.  I’ve highlighted that, in 2016, Greece was the 10th fastest-growing source of foreign direct investment in the United States, and the United States has been the source of significant investment in Greece. Read More»

Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at U.S. Navy 242nd Birthday Ball

The partnership of our two navies is critical in advancing two of my top priorities as the U.S. Ambassador: supporting Greece, our EU and NATO ally, in its economic recovery, and working with Greece to sustain and deepen our defense, security, law enforcement, and counterterrorism cooperation. Read More»

NATO Foreign Ministerial Intervention Remarks

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson March 31, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Good morning, Secretary General and my fellow ministers, and thank you for the opportunity to speak. Let me be very clear at the outset of my remarks: the U.S. commitment to NATO is strong and this Alliance remains the bedrock for transatlantic security. This ... Read More»
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