Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at The Economist 5th Sustainability Summit for South-East Europe and the Mediterranean

Ambassador Pyatt: "Let me start by saying what a huge honor it is to be on the stage again with Minister Skrekas.  The fact that we are together reflects the degree to which American and Greek perspectives and interests on this basket of issues has really converged.  And we are working together every single day, including ... Read More»

Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at The 25th Economist Roundtable with the Government of Greece 

Ambassador Pyatt: "The United States looks to Greece as an essential partner.  Whether it’s working to support the countries of the Western Balkans continuing to move towards Euro-Atlantic institutions, stabilizing the Eastern Mediterranean and leveraging the opportunities for energy, for economic cooperation, building on the vision which lies behind our 3+1 cooperation — and I ... Read More»

Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at The Economist Greek Government Roundtable

Ambassador Pyatt: "First of all, let me say what a pleasure it is to be back. Congratulations to The Economist for building a really all-star morning focused on regional security and defense issues, and I think it’s terrific that you’ll wind up this morning with Minister Hatzidakis talking about the energy security issues because that’s an ... Read More»

Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at 23rd Economist Government Roundtable

Greece has persevered through immense challenges while maintaining its democracy, rejecting extremism, and now paving the way for further economic growth. Importantly for my government, Greece has also transformed from being a source of problems to a source of solutions for the strategically important region of the Eastern Mediterranean. Read More»

Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at the 22nd Economist Government Roundtable

Ambassador Pyatt - "The United States has spent the last 70 years working with our European allies and friends to build peace, security, and prosperity on the foundation of a close and effective transatlantic partnership. Our relationship is rooted in enduring economic, political, and social ties – which together have ushered in a period of ... Read More»
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