Ambassador Pyatt’s Interview to Real News

Ambassador Pyatt: "The U.S.-Greece relationship is at a historic, all-time high. Our enhanced relationship with Greece is based on common goals and a considered strategy that recognizes the return of great power competition to the Eastern Mediterranean. Greece is a pillar of stability and a key NATO Ally when it comes to halting expanding Russian ... Read More»

Ambassador’s Interview with ERT’s “TOLMI kai ARETI” Show

Sunday, April 23, 2017 Begin quote. Alexia Tasouli: Mr. Ambassador thank you very much for this interview. Ambassador Pyatt: Thank you. AT: How do you see Greece’s geostrategic importance in the Eastern Mediterranean region? Amb. Pyatt: Well, Greece is a key NATO ally in a strategically crucial region, it is an important partner in the ... Read More»
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