Ambassador Tsunis’s Remarks on Independence Day Celebration, June 29, 2023

Ambassador Tsunis: "Democracy only works when it works for all...  When I say all, I mean inclusion for LGBTQI+ folks, who still strive for equality, including the right to marry and raise children.  May we soon see a day where all people can love who they love, be who they are, and be accepted by ... Read More»

Ambassador Tsunis’s Remarks at Independence Day Reception

Ambassador Tsunis: "We – the United States and Greece – share an uncommon spirit, a special bond and friendship forged through shared struggle, that calls on us to defend the values that led to the birth of both of our nations.  That is why we have worked so successfully together to promote stability and economic ... Read More»

Independence Day Reception in Thessaloniki

Today we celebrate 241 years of American democracy, and there is no place better-suited to mark the occasion than here in Greece. In 1776, a small band of patriots declared that we were a people created equal — free to think, worship, and live as we please; that our destiny would be not determined for ... Read More»
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