The Insider’s Guide: See a different side of America!

Las Vegas (Photo by C. Antonopoulos)

The U.S. EMBASSY ATHENS Athens, in partnership with Huffington Post Greece, is proud to launch this year’s video project which will transport you to five spectacular destinations across the western United States.

We chose to highlight five different destinations that show the diversity and ingenuity of the tourism industry in the U.S. – especially how young, creative entrepreneurs are reshaping the industry. Locals share their stories about how places like Las Vegas (Nevada), Palm Springs and Coachella (California), and Sedona (Arizona) have prospered by protecting and projecting their unique local character and capitalizing on hidden potential. We brought special emphasis to the role of the local government and NGO cooperation in boosting these destinations. The Insider’s Guide videos are a window into the U.S. model of tourism development which, we hope, will inspire the next generation of Greek tourism entrepreneurs.

The Insider’s Guide goes beyond the popular imagery of the U.S. from movies and TV shows. Inspiring stories of entrepreneurial energy, government-private sector collaboration, and community involvement are set against the stunning backdrop of some of the most remarkable sites in the United States.

Check out this exciting trailer for a sneak peak then tune in for all 8 video segments during the next couple of weeks.