Remarks by Paul “Chip Jaenichen, Acting Maritime Administrator: Opening Ceremonies, Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition, June 2, 2014

Paul "Chip" Jaenichen Acting Maritime Administrator delivers remarks at "Posidonia 2014" Opening Ceremony (State Department Photo)
Paul “Chip” Jaenichen Acting Maritime Administrator delivers remarks at “Posidonia 2014” Opening Ceremony (State Department Photo)

Remarks by Paul “Chip” Jaenichen
Acting Maritime Administrator

Opening Ceremonies
Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition

Athens, Greece
June 2, 2014

(as prepared) 

Good evening!


On behalf of the Obama Administration, Secretary Foxx and the United States Department of Transportation, I am honored to join you here today…

To begin, I want to thank Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, and the people of Greece for their generosity in hosting the world’s largest shipping exhibition Posidonia 2014.

It is appropriate that this exhibition is being held in Greece – for all throughout the long history of this country, the Greek people have remained mariners…and I can easily see why.

This country’s seemingly endless coastline, mild Mediterranean climate and hundreds of picturesque islands created the ideal conditions for Greeks to become natural seafarers.

From the era of the might Athenian navy to the modern day…the seafaring tradition has thrived here.

Not only is Greece home to a robust merchant marine . . . But for the next five days, it will be the nerve center of the international marine shipping community.

The overwhelming number of exhibitors and cutting-edge marine technologies on display at Posidonia 2014 will provide a glimpse into the future of international marine shipping…And I look forward to seeing as much of it as I can.

I am also eager to visit with the other delegations and international stakeholders in attendance.

Communication is a key factor in realizing our common ambitions for international marine transportation…

And this is a great occasion to exchange ideas and further our shared goals of safety, environmental stewardship, and providing economic benefits to seafarers as well as nations…

So if you see me around, please don’t hesitate to say “Hi”…or “Γειά σου”

I hope to see a big crowd at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the United States Pavilion…and I hope that you enjoy Posidonia 2014 as much as I’m sure I will.

Thank you…enjoy your evening and the rest of your week here in Athens.