Greece National Day: Secretary Blinken Statement

Press Statement
Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State
March 25, 2021

On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I warmly congratulate the Greek people on the historic bicentennial of their independence.  This special year is an occasion to honor our shared commitment to democracy and to celebrate 200 years of friendship between the peoples of the United States and Greece.  From the start, our two revolutions were intertwined: America’s founders took inspiration from Athenian democracy, and 45 years after our independence, Philhellenes left home to aid Greek patriots in their cause of self-determination.

Today, our shared history continues to bring us together, and the U.S.-Greece relationship is stronger than ever.  Greece is a crucial Ally of the United States and leader in efforts to maintain peace, stability, and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Western Balkans regions.  Together, we are working to keep our Transatlantic Alliance strong and vibrant by enhancing our defense and security cooperation, countering climate change, creating new trade and investment opportunities, expanding technology partnerships, and strengthening our educational and cultural ties.

As both of our countries emerge from the tragedies of the pandemic, I look forward to further strengthening and deepening our Alliance in this Greek bicentennial year.  On this 200th anniversary of your independence, we stand shoulder to shoulder with Greece, acknowledging all we have accomplished in the past and welcoming the bright future ahead.