Join us at an Interactive “Escape Room” Celebrating 200 Years of Scientific Collaboration between the United States and Greece

Do you hold the key to 200 years of shared scientific history between the United States and Greece? Can you solve the riddle of some of the most important innovations in history? Do you know the innovators and scientists that defined the last 200 years and can help you escape the room?

The U.S. Embassy in Athens and the educational organization SciCo (Science Communication) are excited to launch “USA-Greece: 200 Years of Innovation” an interactive Escape Room where visitors can explore the shared scientific history of the two countries and use their knowledge to find a way out of the space. The escape room, hosted at the Serafio, Municipality of Athens features some of the greatest innovative discoveries of Greece and the United States during their shared journey through history.

Guests are invited to walk through four different rooms, each representing a specific time period of recent history. Visitors will discover historical and scientific information of each era through tricky riddles and puzzles. All four rooms highlight the remarkable innovations that emerged from U.S.-Greek collaboration over the last 200 years, highlighting some of the most important personalities from various fields of science and technology.

The U.S. Embassy in Athens funded the creation of this escape room experience as part of its year-long campaign “USA-Greece: Celebrating 200 Years of Friendship,” in support of Greece’s bicentennial celebrations. “USA-Greece: 200 Years of Innovation» is taking place under the auspices of the “Greece 2021” Committee.

The “USA-Greece: 200 Years of Innovation” escape room is hosted at the Serafio, Municipality of Athens (19 Ehelidon & 144 Piraeus).

Opening date:

Friday 19 November 2021

Closing date:

Friday 31 December 2021


10:00-13:00 (school visits)


For access, visitors should demonstrate a vaccination certificate or a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 (up to 6 months) or a rapid-test certificate (taken no longer than 48 hours). Students under the age of 12, should demonstrate a negative self-test.

Admission is free and open to the public.

For more information, please contact