Insider’s Guide: Revitalized Downtown in Glamourous Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Downtown Center

In the previous episode of Insider’s Guide we presented Las Vegas’ shiny, sinful side. In this episode we present another side to Las Vegas. As the residential model changed in America, more and more people moved out to the suburbs leaving behind desolate city centers. The downtown neighborhood of Las Vegas was left empty and neglected. But the “Downtown Center” investment plan of $300 million completely redeveloped and revitalized the center of Las Vegas – the heart of the city was reborn. Small bookstores, new restaurants, and a music store are some of the new businesses that have started to operate successfully as part of this effort.

Las Vegas remains, above all, a city of inexhaustible possibilities. As Scott Seely, owner of bookstore and publishing house “The Writer’s Block,” said “there are many opportunities to achieve something here. On a massive scale as the Strip or a small scale as our shop here. ”

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