Insider’s Guide – Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California

In Episode 1 of the Insider’s Guide we travel to Palm Springs, California to admire its unique architecture and learn why so many fascinating people have built their lives in the desert. Palm Springs was once a secluded retreat for Hollywood stars – a small paradise for sun-drenched rest and rejuvenation during the winter months. Today, the 45,000 year-long residents of Palm Springs retain the fun, carefree character and architecture of the Hollywood heyday, but blend that history with modern cultural activities that attract artists, designers and architects from around the world.

U.S. Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt wrote an introduction for the video series in @HuffingtonPostGreece:

“We chose these tourist destinations because they are off the beaten path. They were created from a vision. They were created from that sense of possibility that is a defining feature of the American West. I am a proud Californian. Reinvention is a theme for West Coast Americans. Success in the West comes from fostering a creative environment that allows the best ideas to flourish—that’s the transformative power of Silicon Valley. But these photogenic towns and cities tell new stories of entrepreneurial energy. They show the possibilities from collaboration between local government, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. These destinations show how citizen involvement can transform communities. We highlight tourism entrepreneurs who have prospered by protecting and projecting the local character of their home towns.

In just a few weeks here, I have already met Greeks working with the same spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. And I have met Greeks who are eager to raise Greek tourism—which includes some of the most stunning destinations on the planet—to the next level. When you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and start new collaborations, you never know where it may lead. Visit the Utopia of Arcosanti and take in Desert Art in Palm Springs. Feed your creativity. You will find a new destination featured here on Huffington Post Greece every week over the coming two months.* Check back in to explore with us. I’m proud to welcome you to my home, the American West.”