Information for U.S. citizens who have tested positive for COVID-19

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**U.S. citizens should take both U.S. and Greek quarantine requirements into account before traveling to Greece. U.S. citizens should have a plan in place on what to do should they test positive for COVID-19 while traveling abroad.**

Greek Quarantine Requirements

If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, please follow Greek Government guidance. U.S. citizens in Greece are subject to Greek government regulations and should be prepared to quarantine if required by Greek government regulations. As of June 2022 the Greek government advises the following:

· Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 must stay in isolation for at least five days (counting the day of the positive test as day 0) and avoid contact with other people.

· If after five days of isolation you have no symptoms, or symptoms improve and you have no fever for 24 hours (without using anti-fever medication), you may leave isolation.

· If fever persists, prolong isolation until the fever has completely subsided.

· You must use a heavy duty mask (N95/KN95/FFP2) or use a double mask for at least another five days after the end of isolation.

Extending Your Stay After a Positive Test

Travelers should be ready to make plans to extend their stay at their own expense if they unexpectedly test positive for COVID and cannot travel. The U.S. government cannot pay for accommodation if you unexpectedly test positive and cannot fly home as planned. Options to consider include: booking new accommodations online, extending a stay at current accommodation, working through a health/travel insurance company, checking for travel insurance coverage through your credit cards, working with a travel company (if travel was booked through a particular company), and requesting assistance from friends and family.  Getting health/travel insurance prior to a trip is highly recommended:

Medical Services in Greece

If you are feeling unwell and require medical care, you can obtain medical treatment. Robust medical care is available in major metropolitan areas; less so on islands and rural areas. Click here for details of medical service providers in Greece. COVID-19 tests are widely available at many major hospitals pharmacies, and laboratories in Greece, as well as the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.

Returning to the U.S.

If you have tested positive and wish to return to the United States, click here to review the COVID-19 testing requirements for all air travelers to the United States over 2 years old. You can also review information regarding the CDC’s requirements to travel internationally by clicking here.

People who have recovered from COVID-19 can continue to test positive for up to 3 months after their infection. Check with your airline to confirm what documentation they require of travelers who have recovered from COVID-19 and still test positive, as well as the timing for travel after recovery from COVID (generally, at least 5 or 10 days after the positive test, if you have no symptoms).

If you have had a positive viral test on a sample taken during the past 90 days, follow the guidance below.

Step 1: Keep your positive test result! You may still need the test result to provide evidence of recovery from COVID-19. If you used a self-test, you will need to test again with a laboratory to have a test result in your name as part of your “documentation of recovery”.

Step 2: Do not plan to travel until a full 10 days after your symptoms started or the date your positive test was taken if you have no symptoms. Check with your airline to verify the precise timing and documentation required to be able to fly.

Step 3: If after 10 days you continue to test positive but have no symptoms, you may travel instead with your positive viral test results and a signed letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official that states you have been cleared for travel. The positive test result and letter together are referred to as “documentation of recovery.” The letter must have information that identifies you personally (e.g., name and date of birth) that matches the personal identifiers on your passport or other travel documents. The letter must be signed and dated on official letterhead that contains the name, address, and phone number of the healthcare provider or public health official who signed the letter. In Greece you may need to speak to a private doctor in order to obtain a letter as they are not commonly available to travelers who are not part of the national health system. For information on medical services in Greece, including pathologists and other physicians that may provide documentation of recovery letters, please see our website here. Some medical services that may be able to assess recovery include:

Athens – Dr. Chrysoula Liakou: 27 Vas. Sophias Str. 10675 Kolonaki Tel: 211-013-8038, cell: 6944229717

Mykonos – Dr. Thrasivoulos Kontomitros/ General Practice: Mykoniatiki Hygeia Medical Center, tel: 2289-024211, cell: 6944338292

Santorini – Dr. Aristotelis Mastakas/ General Practice: Medical Center Fira (Fira Main Square, behind “Eurobank”. tel: 2286-028736, cell: 6944384869

Step 4: If you have recovered from COVID-19 but are not able to obtain documentation of recovery that fulfills the requirements, you will need to show a negative COVID-19 viral test result from a sample taken no more than 1 day before your flight to the US departs. For further information on CDC travel requirements please check the CDC’s website.

Please note: The Department of State assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the entities or individuals whose names appear on the above lists. Inclusion on a list is in no way an endorsement by the Department or the U.S. government. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information on the list is provided directly by the local service providers; the Department is not in a position to vouch for such information