Health Alert: U.S. Embassy Athens – Easter weekend and travel to the airport

Movement restrictions are in place throughout Greece through April 27 and will be enforced this Easter weekend.  Media reports indicate that if you are caught traveling for the Easter holiday for entertainment or a visit to friends/family, you will be fined 300 Euros and your license plate taken for 60 days.  For necessary local travel, you must carry your passport or other identification at all times and have a certificate of movement indicating your reason for being out.  Follow instructions on the Greek authority’s website to obtain the certificate.

Travel within Greece to the Airport:  Per the Greek General Secretariat for Civil Protection, you may travel to the airport for your immediate return to the United States; however you must have in your possession a written personal affidavit consisting of the following information:  1) your full name, 2) your current street address (or location, e.g., Thessaloniki), 3) Reason for moving and destination address.  Please include the following “I am returning to my permanent residence in the United States.” 4) Date, time, your signature.  This statement does NOT need to be endorsed by the Embassy or Consulate General.

 Flight updates for return to the United States:  The Greek government extended the suspension of air travel from Greece to Italy, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany through May 15. Commercial flights with connections to the United States are available.  See possible options on our website.

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