Embassy’s Annual Warden Meeting

Ambassador Pearce presents certificate of appreciation to a warden. (State Department Photo)
Ambassador Pearce presents certificate of appreciation to a warden. (State Department Photo)

On March 20th Consular Wardens from across Greece participated in our annual warden meeting. Wardens spent the day engaging in discussions on topics such as social security benefits, transmission of U.S. citizenship, visa issues, and stress management in a crisis.  The highlight of the meeting was remarks by Ambassador Pearce on bilateral relations and the invaluable service rendered by wardens. The Ambassador also presented certificates of appreciation to several wardens for their hard work and dedication in serving U.S. citizens abroad.

Who is a Warden?

Wardens are volunteers who serve an invaluable role by assisting the Embassy in disaster preparedness, helping to organize Embassy events, alerting Americans to emergency situations, and providing the Embassy with on-the-ground reports during an actual crisis. A well-functioning warden system provides a strong link between the Embassy and American citizens in Greece in the event of an emergency, disaster, or threat. Wardens also coordinate outreach events and discuss pressing issues in their communities.

How do I volunteer?

The U.S. Embassy is always looking for dedicated individuals to volunteer their time as wardens in their community. Serving as a warden is one of the most rewarding ways of giving back to the area in which you live. In addition, wardens have direct access to the Embassy and can voice their opinions on topics of importance to their communities. The U.S. Embassy would like to invite anyone interested in volunteering to emailAthensAmericanCitizenServices@state.gov or call 210-720-2414.