Mission Statement

ODC Greece manages and executes United States Department of Defense and Department of State security cooperation programs by nesting the National Security Strategy of the United States, the Ambassador’s Integrated Country Strategy, and the EUCOM Country Cooperation Plan in order to:  (1) Sustain and enhance the bilateral military relationship and support for US/NATO operations; (2) Maintain and improve access to bases/facilities in Greece in support of  US, NATO and Coalition operations; (3) Increase engagement with Greek military, Police, and Coast Guard in order to advance the mutual defense cooperation interests of the US and Greece; (4) Promote continued modernization of the Hellenic Armed Forces in order to improve interoperability with the US/NATO; and (5) Ensure market access and opportunities for the US defense industry.

Note:  For U.S. companies interested in doing business in Greece, or Greek companies interested in sourcing U.S. products or services, please visit the U.S. Commercial Service.


Official mail should be addressed as follows:

Office of Defense Cooperation
7100 Athens Place
Washington DC 20521-7100
Phone: [+30] 210-720-2600
Fax: [+30] 210-748-6232