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Embassy Main Switchboard: (30-210) 721-2951

The Office of Public Affairs disseminates texts of U.S. government policies and authoritative information about the United States to Greek audiences. It also works to strengthen the bilateral U.S.-Greece relationship through a variety of programs and exchange activities. This web site is maintained by the Office of Public Affairs in order to help Internet users quickly retrieve information about the United States, as well as to learn about our services, programs and publications.

At the U.S. Embassy in Athens, the Office of Public Affairs consists of the Information Resource Center, the Press Office and Cultural Office. There is also a Public Affairs Office at the U.S. Consulate in Thessaloniki.

The Cultural Office manages U.S. government-administered academic and cultural exchange and speaker programs. It also encourages U.S. – Greece institutional and people-to-people linkages in the cultural and educational fields.

Phone: (30)(210) 720-2137
Fax: (30)(210) 720-2857

Individuals interested in studying in the U.S. can contact the Fulbright Office (U.S. Educational Foundation in Greece) for information regarding U.S. universities, including entrance examinations and admission requirements.

The Policy News section covers all public statements from the Embassy, including press releases, speeches, published op-eds, as well as anything of general interest to journalists and media professionals.  The Press Office works closely with Greek media to provide authoritative information on U.S. government policies. Journalists may contact the Press Office as follows:

Phone: +30-210-720-2300, +30-210-720-2363

This section also covers American foreign policy operations in general, including annual State Department reports.  In “News from Washington,” there is a handy index of State Department resources on international relations, from more traditional foreign policy issues such as security and trade, to the involvement in transborder matters such as health, biotechnology and environmental affairs.  Democracy and human rights isssues are also matters in which the U.S. State Department is involved, along with other global concerns such as trafficking, migration and sustainable development.

Journalists may contact the Press Office in Thessaloniki as follows: Phone: +30-2310-242-905, +30-2310-242-906; Fax: +30-2310-242-910