All our American Spaces are undergoing a transformation from the traditional “Corner” into maker spaces that teach youth STEM skills, a significant policy focus for the American Diplomatic Mission in Greece.  Spaces are also designed to function as platforms promoting the Mission’s goal of combatting youth unemployment by building tech capacity.  The UTechLab in Athens is the furthest along in this transformation as it is hosted by the Eugenides Foundation, Greece’s foremost institution focused on teaching science and technology to youth.

The UTech Lab is a creative laboratory for secondary education students aged 13 -17 years and the general public, dedicated to modern technology. It is equipped with computers, iPads, 3D printers, sound studio, green screen, photo and video cameras, software, etc. Visitors can either spend their time freely in the Lab or participate in workshops in the areas of audiovisual (video, photography, sound, graphics), programming, and 3D printing).

The Lab aims to provide stimuli and inspire young people to experiment with modern technologies, foster critical thinking, encourage teamwork and active involvement, help them gain skills in digital tools and enhance creativity.


Arduino workshop: March 17, 2018

Blockchain presentation: March 7, 2018

UtechLab participates in First Lego League tournament: February 2018

More information on UTech and scheduled activities is available on the Eugenides Foundation website at http://eugenweb3.eugenfound.edu.gr/utech/