Thessaloniki Tech Lab

Thessaloniki TechLab Logo

The Thessaloniki TechLab is located at the headquarters of Education in Action (“EduAct”), a non-profit organization and longstanding American Spaces partner.  The program space functions as a center for science and technology education.

The EduAct headquarters are located in downtown Thessaloniki in the prominent YMCA building.  Mission Greece worked with EduAct to develop renovation plans for the space and provide a fresh platform for Mission outreach to students and other target audiences.

Like the rest of the American Spaces in Greece, the Thessaloniki American Space is designed as a TechLab.  This STEM-focused format is a natural match for EduAct’s facilities, as well as its mission, and it has proven to be exceptionally successful in engaging young audiences who are interested in learning about U.S. innovation and technology developments.

The Thessaloniki TechLab will also contribute to strengthening people-to-people ties between the United States and Greece, and to fostering favorable views of the United States and its values.