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Sparti Tech Lab logo

The Sparti TechLab opened in 2004 as an American Corner. It is hosted at the Central Public Library of Sparti, and it covers 20 square meters on the first floor (young adults section) and 50 square meters on the second floor, where the main reading room is.

The young adults section has a distinct American look and feel with many posters, U.S. maps and banners. On the second floor, and next to the book collections (study in the US material, reference resources and a fiction collection), there is a lounge area that serves also as the program space for the corner.

Both sections of this American Space are well designated with signs and labels on all equipment and the book collection that promote the resources and services of this AS. There is also StudyUSA signage on all related printed material.

In 2017, the programing shifted to STEM related activities with new equipment including a 3D printer and robotic kits. The attendance reached 21,000 young people with almost 2,000 participating in 66 programs.

The library is less than two miles away from Sparti’s main square where all major events of the city take place (April to late October) and it remains the most popular and most visited open meeting place with numerous cafés and an active social life especially for the 18 – 36 age group.

Sparti is a typical example of a small size city (34,000 pop.) slowly overcoming the long-term effects of the financial crisis.  With a high rate of youth unemployment, young professionals in all fields are honing their skills in order to improve their chances at finding work in the local labor market. Given the economic challenges, Sparti remains the educational and cultural hub for the region.  With two departments of the University of Peloponnese and a total of 4,000 students, the city is built on the site of ancient Sparta.


March 27 – 28: Coding workshop

March 14 – 15: Animation workshop

March 9: School visit

March 7: Connected with UTechLab and participated in a program highlighting Blochchain

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