American Spaces

Greece currently has seven American Spaces throughout the country: the UTechLab at Eugenides Foundation in Athens, the Sparti TechLab at the Central Public Library in Sparta, the Veria TechLab at the Central Public Library in Veria, the Corfu TechLab at the Central Public Library in Corfu, the Thessaloniki TechLab (inside EduAct), the Athens American Center (former IRC) at the American Embassy and a Priority/Space at the Municipal Cultural Center in Xanthi, the Xanthi TechLab.

With the exception of AAC and the newly inaugurated Thessaloniki TechLab, all remaining Spaces are transformed from the traditional “Corner” concept that focused on English-language materials and programs headlined by visiting American officers into maker spaces that teach youth STEM skills.

The new spaces are also designed to function as platforms promoting the Mission’s ICS goal of combatting youth unemployment. The Xanthi TechLab and UTechLab in Athens are the furthest along in this transformation.

Still, all our Spaces are by now techlabs with Verica, Sparta and Corfu currently undergoing a minor design remodeling to be completed in 2018.

The Athens American Center in the Embassy is conducting less technology related programs, and is to be transferred in a swing space (rented office building) due to a major renovation at the compound.


Xanthi TechLab

Dioikitiriou 1A
67132 Xanthi
Phone: +30 690 788 2600

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Veria TechLab

8 Ellis Street
59100 Veria
Phone: +30 2331 024494

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Sparti TechLab

132 Likourgou Street
23100 Sparti
Phone: +30 27310 21180

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Corfu TechLab

Agglikoi Stratones, Palaio Frourio
49100 Corfu
Phone: +30 26610 38583

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UTech Lab at Evgenides Foundation, Athens

Evgenides Foundation
Leof. Andrea Siggrou 387
Paleo Faliro 175 64, Greece

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Athens American Center

Politeia Business Center
109 -111 Mesogeion Avenue
Phone: +30 7204794

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Thessaloniki TechLab

Address: Tsimiski 136, 54621 (inside Eduact Hub)
Telephone: +30 231 128 6369

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