American Spaces

American Spaces in Greece partner with the U.S. Embassy and Consulate General in Thessaloniki to engage Greek citizens through technological, cultural, and educational programs that increase people-to-people engagement and economic development in ways that instill good will and understanding between the people of the United States and Greece and inspire collaboration around shared values.

The U.S. Mission to Greece has five American Spaces in our countrywide network. The most recent addition is the Thessaloniki American Space (aka the Thessaloniki TechLab) hosted by non-profit educational organization EduAct, located at Thessaloniki YMCA Complex.

These are:

Thessaloniki TechLab – EduAct organization

Xanthi TechLab – Xanthi Cultural Center

Veria TechLab – Veria Central Public Library

Sparti TechLab – Sparti Central Public Library

Corfu TechLab  – Corfu Central Public Library

Our American Spaces are all referred to as TechLabs and are structured as maker spaces that focus on technology, innovation, and the development of STEM skills. These Spaces serve as platforms for regional engagement and host programming in support of the Mission’s Integrated Country Strategy goals, including combatting youth unemployment.   They are also conducting program to incorporate the Six Pillars of the American Spaces program that include:

  1. Information about the United States
  2. Alumni Engagement
  3. Educational Advising
  4. English Language Teaching and Learning
  5. Skills Building
  6. Strategic Cultural Programs.


Xanthi TechLab

Dioikitiriou 1A
67132 Xanthi
Phone: +30 690 788 2600

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Veria TechLab

8 Ellis Street
59100 Veria
Phone: +30 2331 024494

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Sparti TechLab

132 Likourgou Street
23100 Sparti
Phone: +30 27310 21180

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Corfu TechLab

Agglikoi Stratones, Palaio Frourio
49100 Corfu
Phone: +30 26610 38583

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Thessaloniki TechLab

Address: Tsimiski 136, 54621 (inside Eduact Hub)
Telephone: +30 231 128 6369

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