American Spaces in Greece

Education, Media & Culture

American Spaces in Greece are built upon the concept of local partnership. Sponsored jointly by the U.S. Embassy in Athens and an increasing number of Greek public libraries, an American Corner serves as an information source similar to a public library reference service.

An American Corner provides public access to current and reliable information about the United States via book collections, the Internet, and through visiting speakers.

The fundamental purpose is to promote mutual understanding between Greece and the United States.

For information about American Corners feel free to contact  the Information Resource Center (Phone: 210-7202888,  Email:
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Our four American Corners are:

Veria Central Public Library
8 Ellis Street
59100 Veria
Phone: 30 23310 24494
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Date opened: December 22, 2003

Municipal Library of Xanthi
1A Plateia Dioikitiriou Street
671 00 Xanthi
Phone: 30 25410 24542
Date opened: May 3, 2004

Sparti Central Public Library
135 Lykourgou Street
231 00 Sparta
Phone: 30 27310 26853
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Date opened: July 12, 2004


Corfu Central Public Library
Old Castle
491 00 Corfu
Phone: 30 26620 38583
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Date Opened: April 13, 2005