Celebrating International Roma Day

Consul General Fong with young Roma girl (State Department Photo)
Consul General Fong with young Roma girl (State Department Photo)

Consul General Fong and staff visited the underprivileged area of Dendropotamos in west Thessaloniki on the occasion of the International Roma Day.  The Consul General had the opportunity to visit the 3rd Multicultural Junior High of the area, and extended wishes to all Roma on the International Roma Day.

CG Fong joined the local Metropolitan, the Mayor, and other dignitaries in an event organized by the students, highlighting the cultural tradition of the Roma community in Greece.

CG Fong also met with the “FAR.GO.BOTS” team, a team of boys who won second place in the national First Lego League Competition and will travel to St. Louis, Missouri for the world completion in the end of April.  Consul General Fong had the chance to spend some time with the boys and discuss their dreams and aspirations but also learn about the conditions that they live under in that area of Thessaloniki.

This is the second time that a Roma group of kids will participate in such a festival, under the mentorship of Father Athinagoras, a recipient of the FLL’s Mentor’s Award.  The FAR.GO.BOTS team presented an idea of re-using cargo containers for residences, which they will present at the FLL competition.

CG Fong reaffirmed the commitment of the United States to the inclusion and equal treatment of all Roma people.