Ambassador Pyatt’s Statement to the Press: Visit to New Amazon Web Services (AWS) Office

Athens, Greece

March 18, 2022

Kalimera.  Let me start by saying what an honor it is to be here with Minister Georgiadis.  I want to thank him and Prime Minister Mitsotakis and the whole government for the fantastic partnership that they have built with all of the American technology companies here in Greece.

And I’m especially glad to be joined today by Cameron and to be here at AWS.  AWS has been a great example of how American investment and American tech companies are leading the way in terms of Greece’s economic recovery, the return to growth, but also the way in which Greece has leveraged technology to accelerate its response to the global pandemic, and also, very importantly, to begin attracting back to Greece, some of the talented Greek citizens who left to other countries during the years of economic crisis.

We have seen in the United States as well the transformative power of these technology tools, especially in the context of the global pandemic.  And it’s very exciting for me as somebody who has lived in Greece for the past five and a half years to see how I’m using AWS technology every day, for instance, with my digital vaccination certificate and all of the services in Emvolio.

Finally, I would just note that I was really encouraged to hear from Cameron that today is not just about celebrating this new AWS facility, but also a very ambitious vision for the future and how AWS will continue to grow in partnership with the government of Greece.