Ambassador Pyatt’s Statement to the Press at Iniochos 2022

April 1, 2022

Andravida Air Base

Kalispera! Let me begin by congratulating Minister Panagiotopoulos, Minister Hardalias, General Floros, General Mpourolias for the fantastic success of this, my 5th Iniochos here in Greece.

I’m especially proud that this year we have the participation of so many different elements of the U.S. Armed Forces including the F-15s from Lakenheath Air Base, the F-18s flying off the Harry Truman, which is operating in Greek waters, and an MQ-9 flying from Sigonella in Italy.

This is mirrored in the growing complexity of the scenarios that the Iniochos exercise is demonstrating and the unique and broad number of participants that Greece is able to attract.

This kind of bridge-building and the reinforcement of our alliance is particularly important at this moment as Russia continues its brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Iniochos is a demonstration of our resolve, the strength of our alliance and the unmatched capacity of our Armed Forces, which is so important to the resilience of our defense NATO alliance.

So I am very grateful in particular to the U.S. Air Force for its strong commitment to this exercise, but also the tremendous ‘filotimo’ of our Greek hosts.

Efcharisto poli!