Ambassador Pyatt’s Statement to Journalists At 110 Battle Wing Larissa

Ambassador Pyatt in Larissa (State Department Photo)

May 31, 2018

Let me first say what a pleasure it is to be here in Larissa.  I want to say special thanks to Minister Kammenos, Admiral Apostolakis and General Christodoulou for inviting me to come along today.

This visit is an opportunity for me to spend some time with the American personnel who are here as part of our temporary deployment of MQ-9s. But it is also an opportunity for me to say thank you to the men and women of the 110th here for the excellent cooperation that they have demonstrated with this deployment.  The operation of these unarmed MQ-9s here in Larissa is a fantastic illustration of the deepening of our defense and security cooperation as Prime Minister Tsipras discussed with President Trump last October in Washington D.C.

But it also illustrates the role that Greece plays as a pillar of stability, as a strong NATO ally, and as a country who has excellent geography and excellent capabilities. So we, as the United States Government, are committed to building on that foundation, working with our Greek allies to accomplish and maintain security and stability across the wider Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean region. Thank you very much.