Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks: Launch of FEMPowerment Initiative

Thursday, September 30, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

Delivered as Pre-recorded Message

Καλησπέρα σας.  To our terrific partners and all of the participants joining us this evening, thank you for being a part of the FEMpowerment Initiative.

We at the U.S. Embassy are proud to support this innovative program that focuses on women’s economic empowerment and employability.

I would like to offer special thanks to the entire ReGeneration team, including Panos Madamopoulos and Kostantinos Kintzios, for all of your efforts to advance Greece’s economic growth through innovative programs like FEMpowerment.

I also want to thank Vassilis Stavrou and his AB (Alpha-Vita) Vassilopoulos team, for co-funding and supporting this initiative.

I am pleased to launch this Masterclass Series, which is one of the two components of FEMpowerment.  And I am delighted that the first speaker of the series is a dynamic Greek tech leader, who has been thriving in the United States.  Marily Nika is a great role model not only for Greek women professionals, but for ALL professionals in both our countries.

Gender equality and women’s economic empowerment have been Embassy priorities for many years.  We’re committed to advancing this agenda with programs to bridge the gender gap in business, science, entrepreneurship, innovation, and all sectors of economic activity.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Embassy organized TechCamp Thessaloniki, a hands-on training program for women entrepreneurs from Greece and throughout the Balkans, at the Thessaloniki International Fair.  During the Fair, we also announced our “Women CANdidates” program with Women Act, encouraging and equipping more women to enter politics.  And earlier in the summer, the Embassy launched our “Women in Tourism” program with Mexoxo, offering employability skills to young women in the tourism sector.

This is a great moment for women professionals in Greece.  Leading U.S. tech companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, and Apple have helped Greece accelerate its digital transformation during the pandemic.  Several of these companies have also made significant investments in Greece which will help transform the country into the digital hub of southeast Europe.

So, this is a great time for Greek women professionals to hone their skills, break into tech and STEM fields, and secure a seat at this new “innovation table.”  I would like to let you know that you have the U.S. Embassy’s full support as you seek to achieve your aspirations

We care deeply about the achievements of women in the economy because history shows that when women fully participate and succeed in the workplace, our societies prosper.  And as our countries and communities recover from the economic shock of the pandemic, women’s contributions will be more valuable than ever.

I hope that you will take advantage of the insights and inspiration that a great roster of speakers will offer you in the next few weeks of this Masterclass Series.  I’m confident that your participation in this program will not only build your own leadership skills, but it will also contribute to important changes in our societies.

I wish you great success in the program.

Efcharisto poli.