Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at Lieberman’s Concert in Thessaloniki, TIF 2018

Ambassador Pyatt at the concert of internationally renowned American composer of classical music, Lowell Lieberman (State Department Photo)

September 9, 2018

Ambassador Pyatt:  Thank you very much Simos.  I’m going to follow Simos’ example and be very brief.

I want to thank Zozo, for putting this event together.  But most importantly, I want to thank our partners.

This has been a spectacular first two days of the Thessaloniki International Fair.  I truly believe this will be remembered as a landmark in the history of the U.S.-Greek relationship.  And as Simos and I were just talking about, we’ve just started.  There’s more to the U.S.-Greece relationship than just our economic investment ties.  So it’s with special pleasure this evening to have an event to share some of the best of American arts and culture.

So thank you very much to Mr. Lieberman and our partners at AmCham.  I hope everybody is enjoying the evening.  Thank you very much.