Ambassador Pyatt’s Remarks at  Launch of Syros CodeGirls Program

Municipal Cultural Center, Ermoupolis, Syros
October 9, 2021 

Kalimera! Good morning everybody!

I want to say how honored I am to be able to spend a little bit of time with you today.  But I want first of all to say a huge thank you to your instructors Vicky and Theodora.  I have been visiting CodeGirls programs for five years now. Vicky will remember, the first one was in Trikala, probably about this time of year, and it was so inspiring for me to see all of the energy in the room there.

We are very proud of our partnership with Mataroa for CodeGirls and the fact that we’ve been able to take this program to so many different cities across Greece.  But this is the first time we’ve ever come to an island and it’s the nicest room that we’ve ever done the program.  You guys are very special.

I want to say also a huge thanks to our partners in the government especially Mayor Nikos Livadaras and Vice Governor Leontaritis.  We have worked very closely with the Government of the South Aegean on so many issues around economic development in this region and especially here on Syros with the shipyard.  But what we’re really excited about is the work that we do as an Embassy, working with our partners in Greece to help equip the Greek population, and especially Greek young people, for the digital future that we are all moving towards.

CodeGirls is one of the very best of these programs that we have here in Greece.  It helps equip all of you with the tools to be successful in a globally connected economy, and it contributes to the effort that the Embassy is making to advance programs in areas like entrepreneurship and the economic empowerment of women.  I know this is going to be two weekends well-spent for all of you.  But I also would emphasize how much Greece needs all of you.

I have seen in five years in this country that Greece’s greatest asset is not the sea, it’s not the sun, it’s the people.  It’s a very exciting time in Greece as the economy begins to recover, and especially as we see so much growth in the tech space including a lot of partnership with American companies like Microsoft, and Google and Amazon.

I hope this is just the first step for all of you in a lifetime journey focused on technology and creativity.  And you should know that I’ll be rooting for all of you.  Syncharitiria!  Efcharisto poli.