Ambassador Pyatt’s Message to NCH Capital on Kassiopi Project Groundbreaking Event

Kassiopi, Corfu

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Read by Consul General Greg Pfleger

Dear Mr. Santis,

While I regret that I cannot be there in person to celebrate NCH Capital’s achievement, I would like to congratulate you on today’s groundbreaking on your luxury tourist resort. 

During Prime Minister Mitsotakis’s visit to Washington earlier this year, he announced that Greece is open for business, highlighting the value proposition that the expanding U.S.-Greece alliance represents. Your investment in Corfu is a great example of the mutual benefits that our close bilateral relationship brings.

The start of construction on NCH Capital’s project follows closely on the heels of investment announcements in 2019 from Pfizer and Cisco and ongoing achievements across northern Greece, including Deloitte, Veltio, and many others.  Yours is a continuation of the success story that U.S. business is writing in Greece.

Allow me also to commend the Greek government on its leadership in furthering economic relationships in the western Balkans and in helping your northern neighbors advance towards EuroAtlantic institutions. These efforts continue to affirm Greece’s role as a pillar of stability in the wider region.

Even in the face of COVID-19, Greece has proven itself to be a leader, responsibly using a data-driven approach to manage the pandemic and earning praise from international partners and the media. These reputational gains will undoubtedly boost confidence in Greece as an investment destination, and the U.S. remains committed to supporting Greece through the road to recovery.

Today’s groundbreaking by NCH Capital represents one more step forward on that road to recovery, bolstered by its vision for the island of Corfu.This flagship tourism project will create hundreds of jobs, both during construction and after completion, contributing to further economicdevelopment for the island.  I look forward to seeing the boost to Corfu’s tourism that the complex will bring and the additional investment that it will attract. I commend NCH Capital’s commitment to sustainable and green development and hope it can be an example for others looking to invest in Greece.

While the pandemic has created an unprecedented effect on tourism this year, Corfu’s reputation as a top travel destination for international visitors is well deserved.  With a cultural heritage celebrating influences from around Europe, Corfu is a unique island experience, blending Greece’spast and present in a way that few islands do.  Mary and I will always treasure our memory of Easter spent there, watching residents mark Holy Saturday.  We carry with us the beauty of the famous beaches in Sidari and Paleokastritsa and the melodies of Corfu’s many talented philharmonic bands.  I am delighted that more Americans will be able to discover the charm of Corfu and the village of Kassiopi once this project is complete.

I would like to thank the Prime Minister for his continued support for the U.S.-Greece partnership, and we look forward to continuing our strong trade and investment relationship.

Congratulations, Mr. Santis and NCH Capital, on your groundbreaking and for your commitment to stimulating this vital sector of the Greek economy. I look forward to your future successes.


Geoffrey Pyatt