Ambassador Pearce Hosted a welcome Reception for Consul General Rebecca Fong

Ambassador David D. Pearce and Consul General Fong at the welcome reception in Thessaloniki (State Department Photo)“Greece Matters” were the words of Consul General Rebecca Fong during her welcome reception hosted by Ambassador David D. Pearce last week.  Ambassador Pearce highlighted the importance of the U.S. Consulate in Thessaloniki and its close cooperation with the Embassy in Athens, underlining the long-lasting friendship between the two countries.  Ambassador Pearce described the principle goal of the U.S. Mission in Greece as seeing the country emerge from the economic crisis “stronger,  stable, and playing a stabilizing role in this region, which is the proper role for this country and its traditional role.”  In her greeting to the assembled guests, Consul General Fong thanked the attendees for the warm welcome and promised to continue the cooperation between the Consulate and various institutions in northern Greece, while she affirmed the Ambassador’s words that “Greece Matters.”