83rd Thessaloniki International Fair Events

Digital Influencers Hub

 In the context of the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair, U.S. Embassy Athens is proud to bring digital communicators from four continents, American Art Masterpieces, innovation and technology programs to Thessaloniki

Digital Influencers Hub

Athens — The Digital Influencers Hub Forum is a two-day event that will focus on current trends and the latest developments in social impact influencer spaces and the way digital information technologies are reshaping communication and societal behavior, throughout the world. The Digital Influencers Hub Forum is organized with the support of the U.S. Embassy Athens as part of the83rd Thessaloniki International Fair, where the United States is the honored country.

On September 13-14, 2018 at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Center (Vellidio)

You can register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/digital-influencers-hub-tickets-48976803939

The first day of the Forum will address several issues, in connection to the emergence of digital influencers and their impact:

  • Becoming an influencer. Digital tools and platforms to achieve influence. Cross-learning and experiencing
  • Influencer Development. Building and Managing communities
  • Influencers’ Impact. Using digital power for social good
  • What does this disruption mean? Influencers as shapers and filters of information

The following day will focus on negative influencers and the issue of combating misinformation and propaganda.

Journalists, civil society experts, and communication professionals will interact with peers attending from over 30 countries for 2 days of sessions, focusing on the impact of influencers in shaping the new information paradigm. All discussions will be in English.

Participants will explore issues such as content generation and consumption; influencers’ platforms and marketing; empowering ideas in the digital age; mobile storytelling; influencers for social change; combating disinformation; what influencers can teach the media; how to laugh at power, among others.

Key speakers include:

  • Keith McElwais, CEO & Viral Media authority at @WhiteGloveMedia & @PranksNetwork, New York, US
  • Annousa Mela, Fashion and Beauty Influencer, Athens, Greece
  • Alex Negrete, cross-platform creator (9.2 M fans), Founder Rise 9, Los Angeles, U.S.
  • Grigoris Zarifopoulos, Country Manager, Google Hellas, Athens, Greece
  • Meirav Harel, FinTech Wizard 4 Investment & Trading Interfaces, Banking & Blockchain, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Emma-Lacey Bordeaux, D.C. Editor, CNN, Washington DC, U.S.
  • Farai Monro, Creative Director, Magamba Network, Zimbabwe
  • Kathryn Geels, Program Director Accelerator, European Journalism Center, London, Great Britain
  • Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou, Co-Founder/Partner, Found.ation and Curator of TEDxAthens, Athens, Greece
  • Alan Soon, Co-founder & CEO, Splice Newsroom, Singapore
  • Akilnathan Logeswaran, Advisory Council Member, World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Berlin, Germany
  • Katie Sanders, Deputy Director, Politifact, Tampa, United States
  • Jakub Gornicki, Head Outriders, Blogger, Poland
  • Noa Gafni,CEO and Founder, Trust Collab, Melbourne, Australia

Representatives from the State Department and U.S. Embassy will deliver remarks.

The Forum is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Office of Citizen Exchanges and coordinated by Digital Communication Network, an international association connecting professionals of the digital age and World Learning, a global NGO, empowering people and strengthening institutions. The Forum fits the theme of the U.S. Pavilion at the Thessaloniki International Fair “Harnessing the Power of Innovation and Creativity.” For more information you can visit the Event Page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/297661874327891/

 American Art Everywhere
Bringing American Masterpieces to the City of Thessaloniki

As part of the celebrations for the U.S. Honored Country at the Thessaloniki International Fair 2018, the U.S. Embassy in Greece is thrilled to present the American Art Everywhere exhibition.  Starting on September 7, Thessaloniki will be filled with artwork by prominent and diverse American artists.  The pieces will be seen all over town, from the airport to the port to the City Hall… even on the buses crisscrossing the city.

The American Art Everywhere program is designed to showcase iconic works of American art in public spaces across Thessaloniki.  People from around the world who are participating in the fair can enjoy American works of art that span time and artistic styles, from Mary Cassatt’s The Child’s Bath to Roy Lichtenstein’s I Love Liberty.

The United States’ presence as the Honored Country at Thessaloniki International Fair 2018 extends beyond the companies and conferences presented at the U.S. Pavilion.  This is an opportunity to celebrate the breadth and depth of the U.S.-Greek relationship, which includes the cultural ties between our two countries.

The theme of the U.S. Pavilion at the Fair is ‘Harnessing the Power of Innovation and Creativity.’  American artists have pushed boundaries for centuries, and the works showcased in Thessaloniki highlight this spirit of innovation – from the realist depiction of modern American life in the work of Edward Hopper to the widely recognized cultural icon of Wood’s American Gothic; and from Inman’s glorious depiction of the Chippewa Chief to the pop Americana of Roy Lichtenstein.

This exhibition is inspired by the Art Everywhere public art exhibition organized in 2014 by major museums in the United States.  The selected works represent important pieces within American art history, and their creators, styles, and themes showcase the diversity of American art and culture.

The U.S Mission in Greece is proud to partner with the Regional Government of Central Macedonia, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, HELEXPO, and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce to make these American works of art available to all Thessalonians.

A detailed list of the artworks and their locations can be found at www.usatif2018.gr, and the “USA TIF 2018” application  on the app store.

For all inquiries regarding media coverage and availability, please contact the U.S. Embassy Athens Press Office  at +30 210 4806.

A series of programs by Found.ation to promote innovation, technology, and the start-up culture

As part of the celebrations for the U.S. Honored Country at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF,) Found.ation is organizing, with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Greece, a curated series of programs and events that highlight innovation, technology, and creativity.  Under the theme of the American Pavilion at TIF, “Harnessing the Power of Innovation and Creativity,” the Found.ation team is arranging: an Innovation Hub offering workshops, talks, and networking opportunities; the Tech Olympus Summit highlighting the connections between the innovative spirits and cultures found in both Greece and the United States; and an Innovation Bootcamp to inspire and activate Thessaloniki’s talented startup community.

This series of programs and engagements curated by Found.ation aims to promote American innovation, technology, and start-up culture and to highlight U.S. excellence in these fields.  These will also be places where entrepreneurs-on-hold (aka first timers) will find inspiration, where technology talent will be born, and where founders will meet their investors and next partners.

The curated series of programs can be found can be found at www.usatif2018.gr, and the “USA TIF 2018” application  on the app store, and will include:

Tech.Olympus Summit, Sunday 9 September 2018, Olympias Hall, TIF-HELEXPO

The Tech.Olympus Summit provides knowledge and opportunities for founders and innovators.  It is a TED style tailor-made program with top-tier content that sparks dialogue in the areas of Innovation, Technology, Creative Industries, and Civic Engagement.

Innovation Hub, from 8 – 16 September 2018, U.S. Pavilion

The Innovation Hub is an innovation lab in the heart of the American Pavilion which will feature a dedicated “digital classroom area” hosting digital skills workshops, coding courses, meetups, and open discussions.  Each afternoon they will host a series of Innovation Talks – casual open sessions and workshops by VCs, established tech entrepreneurs and prominent figures of the wider startup innovation ecosystem – all aimed at inspiring and connecting the next generation of innovators.

Business Engineering 101, Innovation Bootcamp, from 12 – 15 September 2018

Business Engineering 101, Innovation Bootcamp is an educational hackathon on agro, travel, and urban tech for developers, designers, business developers, and marketeers, who will create and develop their ideas over a short, but intense, period of time at the OK!Thess Accelerator.  Each team has the freedom to innovate, working on a unique idea that can make a difference.  Mentors will support the teams throughout the Bootcamp by guiding the creative and development process and judges will determine the winners based on their progress.  The final pitch will take place on Saturday, September 15 at 10:00 am on the theater stage in the U.S. Pavilion.